Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mya , stoppp cryingggg !

knp dgn aku nh ha ? hmm dah due ary aku tak lalu mkn and tak bole tidoe . knp mesty aku pk dea lagi ? haish MyaMya . pity on you . everytime i hear HIS voice in voice sms , im started to cry ! oh yesssss i miss the old memory between him and me . but it will never REWIND back . 

hmm thanks to Naddy , Xety , Iraa , Eahh and Aizat :') thanks sangat sangat cos you all be my good listener . im feel better after luah kad korang . thanks a lot oh <33

oh God , i swear that i cant forget him . but i MUST . i must forget the past . it just make me hurt . i want him in my life even just a FRIEND . really , i dont want lose him . 

hey dear , im just want you to know , that im still in love with you . i dont know how much i have to say . yeahh , hope we can be FRIENDS FOREVER :')

*HIM ? WHO IS IT ? :( 
I MISS HIM :'((   

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