Thursday, January 6, 2011


As usual , todaay was my 4th day datang lambat ke sekolah -______- yelahh da biasaa bgn lmbt . Now susa gila babi nak bgn awal . Hadoyy . So , it was raining the whole day . Sejuk plus saked perud ! Im in 'PP' . Haihh , 

What Im gonna story to youu is , pagipagi lagi , Apek dah memekak panggl aku . But Im just ignore him . Then , Azuraa . She tell me that Mr. Muru called me twice . HAH ?! This must be about the the transfer school . Hmm so , when Im otw to the toilet with Shas and Zuraa , ktorang bertembung dgn Mr. Muru . So , dea terus panggil aku and bawak aku jmp Pengetua . What the ? -_____- 

When Im in the bilik pengetua . They ask me to transfer bcos I had done too much discpline manner and doesnt perform good in academic . Hmm Im just listening what they told to me . Yeahh , Im crying infront of them . But there is nothing . My fault :( 

After that , Im going to the toilet and call my mom , told what was happen . She's not saying anything but she will come to my school tomorrow for the transfer . Hmm really sad :'(

When Im in class , Im just smiling to Zuraa and Shas . Zura thought I will stay SAB . But it is not . Yeaah Im smiling , bcos I dont want anyone know about this . Just me , Zuraa , Shas , Pieka and Eahh . And who are Sabians too , reading this blog . Only us . 

Berat hati nak tinggalkan SAB . Yeaah really , mmg Mya tak suka this school . But I love my frends in SAB , also some of the teachers . But itsokay . I had to admit it .

So , today mcm tade mud nak study . Hmm . And dah mcm belaja kad London jeh . Sejuk gilaa nak mampos . Hahaha XD 

When Im home , Pieka called me . And she asked about the transfer school . She ask to make rayuan . Hmm okay I'll try . If they can't accept it , itsokay . 

Hmm byee readers :)

감사합니다 :)

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